Why Dating Asian Women is a Good Way to Find a Life Partner

Dating Asian WomenBy Zub Hudsson
Of all the reasons why Dating Asian women is a good way to find a partner for life, their charm, femininity and commitment to husband and family must surely be among the most important. In fact it is their family commitment that distinguishes the average Asian woman from her western counterpart.

It is likely that the first qualities of Dating Asian women that would attract attention are their lovely skin and knock-out smiles. However, that can be true of many women, and men visiting cities such as Jakarta, or surfing an online Indonesian dating agency, will be looking for more than just looks.

Dating Asian Women – A Matter of Respect

In that respect, for many men the main reason why dating Asian females is such an attractive prospect is exactly the type of family commitment stated above: the way they care for their husband, look after the home and cherish their children.  That is in no way being sexist, since it is a way of life for Asian women. They have a different ethos to family than that of Westerners.

Asians do not put their parents in nursing homes at the earliest opportunity, but hold a deep respect for them, and the average Indonesian family will consist of three or more generations. In addition to this commitment to family, an Indonesian woman has a strength of character rarely seen in the West, their apparent submissiveness being only an outward manifestation of the respect and love they hold for their husband.

Asians do not hive off their children to strangers as soon as possible so they can get back to work or college. Sure, it happens, but not to the same extent as in the West, and even though a good education is highly prized, Asian women will sacrifice their education for the sake of their family. Not so in the USA or Europe.

In reality Asian ladies are strong, intelligent and well educated, and are not slow in making their views known if needs be. They are raised in a family-oriented environment with the welfare of their family uppermost in their minds. That is why dating Asian girls is so popular among many Western men: they have had their fun, but are now ready to settle down and they feel that Asians are more liable to offer them the family life that they want, and look after their children while remaining faithful to them.

Young Asian women are raised with the belief that chastity is important, and to marry without being a virgin would be demeaning and infer that they were unable to achieve a ‘good’ marriage. They are also taught to be faithful within marriage, another reason why dating Asian females is attractive to men wanting to settle down.

Asian women are also raised with a deep religious faith that is taught to their children, and goes well with their deep sense of family values.  Due to this ethos of family care, Indonesian women are ready to give the same level of love and care to their own husband and family once they are married because that is the way they were raised themselves. 

Culturally, Asian wives remain at home to look after the home and family while the men work to provide the financial and material needs of the family. Although well educated they would happily sacrifice their career and happiness for the needs of their family. It is for such reasons why dating Asian women is considered part of their life plan for many men.

Indonesian women are not only faithful and caring, but are fun to be with, and extremely loyal to their husbands. Yes, Asian women do get divorces, but divorce is not nearly as common in Asia as in the USA or Europe, although reforms over the past ten years had led to an increase in Indonesian divorces.

Many Asian women look upon a college education as being important to them, and indeed, many are well educated and are therefore able to hold their own in a serious conversation.  The Western idea of Asian women being subservient, uneducated and withdrawn is a myth perpetrated by ignorance.  In fact, they are more capable than Westerners of conversing in languages other than their own, particularly in English.  They are also more able to adapt to different cultures.

If you take the time to learn more about Asian women and their culture you will begin to understand why dating Asian women is popular among western men, and a good online dating service in Indonesia or Asia as a whole can help you with that.

Marriages between Asian women and Western men suffer far fewer divorces than all-Western marriages, although that is not why dating Asian women is so attractive to many men. It is their love, devotion and family ethos that is important, although their beauty and warmth also has a lot to do with it!

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