Asian Women Dating Tips – Something for the Ladies

Asian Women DatingPerhaps you have met a man through speed dating or online through an online Asian women dating service. You feel somewhat comfortable as the two of you have e-mailed, chatted via webcam and talked on the telephone a few times. Now you are preparing for your first date with who you hope is Mr. Right. [Read more…]

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Asian Women Dating – How To Catch the Woman of Your Dreams

Asian Women DatingAsian Women Dating is a fine art. When approaching an Asian woman, you want to do so without coming on as “desperate” or “needy”. The easiest way to do this, would be to have a good reason for approaching her and her group. A good example would be to suddenly ask them if they observed the fight that occurred outside. Once you have established an opening with them, make it clear that you have somewhere to be shortly. This single move stops you from coming off as “desperate”. [Read more…]

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Using Body Language to Pick Up Asian Women

Using Body Language to Pick Up Asian WomenI want to share with you some tips on how to pick up Asian women that have worked really well for me. These tactics are good ones to keep in mind the next time you’re trying to pick up an Asian woman:

  1. When you engage an Asian woman in conversation, be aware of how you angle your body. Men tend to talk to each other at angles to avoid confrontation. Women face each other head-on and maintain eye contact. You should engage them the same way. [Read more…]
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