Dating Asian Girls – The Best Way To Meet Asian Girls Over The Internet

Dating Asian GirlsIf you’re attracted to Asian girls and would like to find a high-quality Asian girlfriend, then I’d like to share a few tips with you. This is knowledge that I’ve acquired from living and working throughout Asia over the past ten years, and I’ve also dated quite a few Asian-American girls as well.

So, these tips are pretty much universal — whether you’re looking to meet girls who currently live in Asia, or want to date Asian girls who live in your own country.

When I talk about “high quality” Asian girls, I’m referring to girls who have a sweet, genuine nature and are not purely interested in the contents of your bank account. You want to meet Asian girls who are looking for a foreign man to genuinely love and cherish, and are not simply looking to latch onto a guy who can provide them and their extended families with financial support.

Dating even the most beautiful Asian woman will grow tiring if she is constantly making financial requests. Even an Asian woman from a poor background should understand and respect the fact that you are not a walking ATM machine. I’m not saying it’s wrong to support an Asian woman, and the majority of girls you will meet on the Internet are in need of financial help and want to achieve a better standard of living for themselves and their families. But it is far too early to have these conversations when you have not even met her yet.

When meeting Asian girls over the Internet, you will know she is a “hustler” if she asks you for money during the first few chats. Don’t even think about making any financial commitments to an Asian woman until you’ve met her and spent time with her.

Amazingly, I have met young girls in Asia who are being supported by two or three foreigner “boyfriends” who send them significant sums of money every month! These clueless guys have never even met their “internet girlfriend” and have no idea that she is having the same romantic chats every day with other men…while searching for additional “sponsors” to add to her collection.

I cannot imagine that you would meet a woman in your own country over the Internet and start sending her a monthly allowance without ever meeting her. You should treat your relationships with Asian girls the same way.

Some men don’t see any problem with supporting an Asian woman financially, especially if she is a lot younger than he is, and comes from a poor background. But I’ve seen hundreds of these relationships fall apart, and I believe you have the best chance of long-term success if you focus on trying to meet girls who have a college education and a job. The Internet dating sites are filled with young Asian girls who have no job (and no job prospects), and are literally online every day trying to meet foreign men who are willing to send money.

You should also insist on chatting with her on webcam as soon as possible. Virtually every internet cafe in Asia has webcams available, at no extra cost. So, if tells you that she can’t reveal herself to you on camera, there is probably a reason why. She may be using a phony profile picture of an Asian woman who is far more attractive than she is, or “she” could even be a “he!”

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